Greenery Unlimited

Wythe Planters


The Wythe incorporates a rounded bottom for a softer take on the ever-popular cylindrical planter. This vessel is a great complement to upright plants with tall stalks. Includes a removable drainage plug.  This item includes a Wythe 30 (suitable for 10" plants) nested inside a Wythe 40 (suitable for 14" plants). 

*Made to last a lifetime.
*High quality fiberglass with repaint-able matte finish.
*Removable drainage plug included on every pot.
*Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
*Wythe 30 Measures 11.69" Wide x 11.69" High. Inside Diameter is 10" 
*Wythe 40 Measures 15.7" Wide x 15.7" High. Inside Diameter is 13.7" 
* Wythe 48 Measures 19” Wide x 19” High.  Inside Diameter is 18”