PLUVR Plant Soil and Fertilizer

Amendment Type

The Tropical mix (No2) is ideal for most tropical plants.  Includes a proprietary blend of vermiculite, rrice hulls, horticultural charcoal, bark, and Vermi Compost. 

The Cactus mix (No3) is ideal for cactus, succulents and other drought tolerant plants like Sansevaria, ZZ, and Dracaena. It contains a proprietary mix of coconut coir, perlite, bark, and Vermi Compost.

The Vermi Compost (No1) functions as a slow release fertilizer, and is an excellent source of nutrients for your houseplants.  It's handmade in Washington DC using scraps from local restaurants, and every bag averts 6-9 pounds of food waste from landfills.