PLUVR Plant Soil and Fertilizer

Amendment Type

The Moisture mix (No4) is ideal for moisture loving tropical plants, including Maranta, Calathea, Begonia, and Ferns. It includes a proprietary blend of coco coir, bark, and Vermi Compost. 

The Cactus mix (No3) is ideal for cactus, succulents and other drought tolerant plants like Sansevaria, ZZ, and Dracaena. It contains a proprietary mix of coconut coir, perlite, bark, and Vermi Compost.

The Tropical mix (No2) is ideal for most tropical plants.  Includes a proprietary blend of vermiculite, rice hulls, horticultural charcoal, bark, and Vermi Compost. 

The Vermi Compost (No1) functions as a slow release fertilizer, and is an excellent source of nutrients for your houseplants.  It's handmade in Washington DC using scraps from local restaurants, and every bag averts 6-9 pounds of food waste from landfills.