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Coco Chip Chunky Houseplant Soil


One 100% Organic Coconut Chip brick (8 x 4 x 1.8-inch) expands to 1.6 gallons of coconut substrate. The perfect size for houseplant repotting projects. When ready to use, just add water! Great for improving drainage & soil aeration, our coco chips can be used on their own, as a soil amendment, or as a component of homemade potting mixes.

WHAT IS COCO CHIP? Coconut chips are one of the ways coconut husks (aka coconut coir) are processed for indoor & outdoor gardening. Coco chips are a chunky, eco-friendly, water-absorbing equivalent to conventional mulch. Coco peat is a much finer and more sustainable alternative to peat moss. Choose coco chips over coco peat when you need more aeration and less moisture retention in your soil.

BEST AERATION & DRAINAGE FOR HEALTHY ROOTS Coco chips both retain water AND promote better soil drainage, making them more ideal than traditional potting soil alone. Help your potted plants to absorb water & nutrients while mitigating waterlogged roots.