Jungle & Loom

Alocasia Regal Shield


Alocasia are listed under Leafy Tropical on the Jungle & Loom Plant Care Card.  

Ensure that they receive medium to bright indirect light and only water when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry for smaller plants, and 3-5 inches of the soil are dry for larger plants.  Use well draining soil, a pot with drainage, and ensure you water thoroughly when the soil is dry.  Do not water again until the soil is sufficiently dry.  

Some varieties of Alocasia can be prone to spider mites.  As a preventative measure, wash the leaves with Castile soap once a month before watering.  Rinse the soap off in the sink during the process of watering.  

It's also very normal for Alocasia to have leaf death when a new leaf grows.