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Cork Bark Mounted Vining Pearls and Jade Pothos

This is a medium sized, living, Pearls and Jade Pothos mounted to a piece of cork bark. The plant is permanently affixed with green moss, and does not need to be removed when watering. The Pothos has large leaves that will eventually begin to vine off the cork bark. The Pothos vines can be pruned and propagated if they get too long for your liking, but otherwise will cascade down giving the ascetic of a green wall.

When watering, gently rinse the exposed plant leaves and the green moss under tepid water for a couple minutes. The water will absorb into the rootball through the moss, nourishing the plant. I recommend doing this before bed and leaving it in the sink overnight to let it dry before hanging it back on the wall. Cork bark is very water tolerant, and will not be damaged by watering like other types of wood.

Please note that cork bark is an organic material, and is not a standardized side. The average width is 6-7 inches and the average length is 9-10 inches, but it is not a perfect rectangle.

I can create custom pieces with various sizes of bark and almost any type of plant. Feel free to reach out with any questions :) 

No returns or exchanges. For all orders I will send you a picture before the plant is packed. I will do my absolute best to pack the plant in a way that keeps it safe, but I do not have any control what happens to the plant after it is in the hands of the postal service.

In the winter months you place your order at your own risk.