Jungle & Loom

Ficus Elastia Tineke


Ficus Elastia Tineke are listed under the Indoor Trees section of the Jungle & Loom Plant Care Card.  Ficus Tineke prefer bright indirect light because of the limited amount of chlorophyll in the leaves.  Water when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry.  Keep in well draining soil and a pot with drainage.  

Bush-variety Ficus have multiple plants per pot, and each plant will have leaves covering the entire stalk.

Column-variety Ficus have one or two plants per pot, and tend to have leaves covering the entire stalk or nearly the entire stalk.  Column-variety Ficus stalks tend to have minimal branching.

Standard-variety Ficus have a single plant in the pot with a thick trunk.  Leaves will only be at the top and there will be significant branching.  This is the most similar to a mature tree you see outside.