Jungle & Loom

Caladium Fancy Pink


Caladium are listed under Leafy Tropical on the Jungle & Loom Plant Care Card.  

Ensure that they receive medium to bright indirect light and only water when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry.  Use well draining soil, a pot with drainage, and ensure you water thoroughly when the soil is dry. 

Caladiums are typical outdoor plants, but even indoors, they will go into a dormant stage after producing new leaves throughout spring and summer.  This is the normal lifecycle of this tuberous plant, and is not an indication that the plant is dying.  Beginning in late fall, cut back on watering when old leaves start to die back.  Then in spring encourage the plant to come out of dormancy by watering with an organic fertilizer and keeping the caladium in a warm/sunny location.  

Like all houseplants, you should prune off the old, discolored leaves as they appear.